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Hello! Welcome to my page. I grew up in Ohio, and live in central Illinois, and I've written for newspapers and small magazines. I'm a writing tutor at a community college and a member of the Illinois State Poetry Society. I read a lot, and also like to come up with different interesting projects, which may or may not work out! I've self-published my short novel Pirate Ned on the internet, and you can read it at It's funny and it's f... more...

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In-text citation is an important part of MLA formatting. There are four parts to it that you need to include. You need to introduce the source, give the quote, close out the source, and comment on the quote. Here’s a walkthrough of in-text citation with some tricks to help it go more smoothly.
Published by Kathleen Murphy 64 months ago in College & College Life | +13 votes | 9 comments
P. K. Silesia porcelain pieces are nice vintage collectibles. They were made in Silesia (formerly in Germany and now in Poland) from the 1880’s until World War II. But the company was first started in 1860 and it’s still producing ceramics today. Its vintage porcelain has a lot of antique charm.
Published by Kathleen Murphy 64 months ago in Vintages, Antiques & Collectibles | +5 votes | 5 comments
The Irish countryside is full of ghost stories, including tales of ancient pagans, headless horsemen, innocent girls, murderous lords, and strange apparitions of unknown identity. Irish ghosts are caught between life and death, and haunt the scenes they frequented in life. You never know when they’re going to appear, but you do know they can be very scary.
Published by Kathleen Murphy 64 months ago in Religion & Spirituality | +16 votes | 18 comments
Purpose, audience, and voice are often considered important elements of an academic paper. Sometimes students have trouble effectively using audience and voice. But the two are closely linked, and picking an appropriate audience will help you write with a professional voice. Thinking of the audience as real people will also help you write with a reasonable and respectful voice.
Published by Kathleen Murphy 64 months ago in College & College Life | +11 votes | 8 comments
You can paint a plastic pot to look like a clay pot with acrylic paints. Acrylic paints are a lot of fun. They come in bright colors, mix really well, and are easy to clean up. To mix that terra-cotta color of a clay pot, you’ll need orange, red, brown, and beige paints. This is a project you can do if you have cheap plastic pots that you want to dress up.
Published by Kathleen Murphy 65 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +18 votes | 20 comments
Although Homer Laughlin ceramics aren’t rare, collectors still like them for their variety. The Homer Laughlin China Company started in 1874, and since then it's produced many different lines of dinnerware and other ceramics products.. Technological advances in the early 20th century allowed it to be successful, and it eventually expanded to seven plants. Collectors like the Art Deco look of the company's Fiesta ware, which Home Laughlin still produces.
Published by Kathleen Murphy 65 months ago in Vintages, Antiques & Collectibles | +7 votes | 6 comments
Massachusetts has plenty of scary ghost stories, such as the spectral father who dislikes his daughter’s boyfriend, the angry merchant whose house was moved, and the Black Lady who haunts a fort near Boston. The long history of this New England state is very conducive to the appearance of frightening apparitions.
Published by Kathleen Murphy 65 months ago in Religion & Spirituality | +13 votes | 10 comments
Collecting ceramics can be a very interesting hobby. First there's the fun of finding pieces that you like or that are unusual. Then there's the fun of researching the time and place of manufacture, based on the mark or back stamp. You can buy pieces very cheaply at thrift stores. It seems like, the more pieces I collect, the more I want to find.
Published by Kathleen Murphy 65 months ago in Vintages, Antiques & Collectibles | +13 votes | 9 comments
For 24 years William S. Kennedy published Reflect, a small-press magazine that featured Spiral Movement poetry. The Spiral Movement was started by Kennedy, who believed that poetry should express beauty, harmony and mysticism. Kennedy’s life was devoted to the arts, as he was also a jazz musician. In his lifetime Kennedy received many honors for his contributions to poetry.
Published by Kathleen Murphy 65 months ago in Literature & Classics | +6 votes | 5 comments
Dublin is a fascinating city, including its many ghost stories. There are ghostly maids, dissipated nobles, phantom dogs and cats, and a haunted castle, not to mention tales of a very mischievious cellar-haunting specter. Don't go to the ruined hunting lodge just outside the city--you're sure to see some very scary floating black shapes!
Published by Kathleen Murphy 66 months ago in Religion & Spirituality | +14 votes | 5 comments
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